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The Nite Cast with Danny Cashman

Feb 14, 2023

Marc Summers is a master of entertaining. The man best known for his on-air hosting duties of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" and the Food Network's "Unwrapped" is now taking on the world of podcasting with Marc Summers Unwraps. He talks with people you know about the backstory you don't know -- the difficulties and challenges it took for them to achieve the success they are seeing today. You can find Marc Summers Unwraps on virtually any podcast platform including Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify and more!

In this episode, Marc talks about his new podcast, his early life watching game shows and dreaming of landing on television, starting out as a magician, his negotiating techniques in middle school, and more. Plus, Smarter Than Dan Trivia is game show themed, Dan & Diana answer your comments, and find out whether or not Diana can figure out how to work a door. Yes, you read that correctly!