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The Nite Cast with Danny Cashman

Jun 16, 2023

Dan Cashman has hosted The Nite Show with Danny Cashman continuously since 2010. Before that, he hosted the same show from 1997 - 2002 on smaller stations in Bangor and Augusta. Today, the show runs on network affiliates in all of Maine's 3 TV markets. 

How, exactly, does a show like this come to fruition in Bangor, Maine? How does it even get started? What were some of the high points? What were some of the moments that made everyone feel like it's a really big deal? 

Dan is joined by Luke Bouchard, the show's longtime co-Executive Producer who has also been a part of the TV since 1997 to talk about the show's origins, struggles, successes, and "oh wow" moments. 

Diana Picavet hosts this insiders look at The Nite Show!